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The RETTmobil is the European Leading Exhibition for Rescue and Mobility held in Fulda. From 15th to 17th May 2019 we will be presenting our products
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C.MIESEN receives major order from Iran for a conversion of 800 ambulance vehicles
Last year, our production went on high-speed as we received an order from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education ("MOHME") for a total of 800 al
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18 new ambulance vehicles for OMAN
At the end of last year, we delivered 18 ambulance vehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 324 box van, Wheelbase 3.665 mm, high roof, with two
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Rescue Ambulances


Exterior and interior presentation of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315 CDI
Front view:

C.MIESEN ambulances based on Mercedes Benz Sprinter (wheelbase 3.665mm) can be equipped with conventional warning bars or rotating beacons. Or you choose our integrated signaling device on LED basis (as shown on the picture).

Equipped with an integrated signaling device, an optimized Cw-value - due to the smooth aerodynamics of the ambulance - arises. You face an increasing economy of your vehicle because of the associated fuel saving. Additionally, the wind noise is significantly quieter, which leads to a higher travelling comfort.

This ambulance meets DIN EN 1789, type C.

Tail view:

We installed a GRP console in the upper area of the vehicle's rear and integrated LED modules in both blue and yellow to secure the vehicle to the rear. Also included are additional red brake lights. If switched on, two working spotlights illuminate the area behind the ambulance. An optional rear view camera for background overview could be mounted in the center of the console.
An aluminium made footstep at the rear of the vehicle eases the entrance to the patient's compartment, At the same time it serves as a bumper and absorber for minor collisions: due to its technical design it captures minor shocks, which are not transmitted to the vehicle structure and protect it against inherent damages.
View from the sliding door entrance:

Close to the partition wall is a cabinet, which is perfectly accessible from the side door. Two emergency cases or an emergency backpack can be stored here. At the front of that cabinet is a folding seat with 2-point lap belt and headrest.

Underneath the seat you see the output nozzles of the heating system.

Left of these arrangements we installed a drawer cabinet and to the very left a pull-out storage element, often used as pharmacy cabinet.

In the upper region of the partition wall we included a stowage area, which provides additional storage space.
  View of the partition wall:

Here you see the clear arrangement of the partition wall cabinets once again.

To the very left you find the pharmacy- and to its right side a cultivated ampoule cabinet. Underneath there is a drawer cabinet and to the right the folding seat with a storage area for emergency cases or an emergency backpack on its backside.
The working surface above the drawer- and the emergency case cabinet is made of stainless steel. An associated roller bar prevents material from falling down.

Patient's compartment:

Sidewalls, wheel arches and ceiling of the patient's room consist of only three GRP form parts. Over the side domes these parts have been stuck together to one piece, what optimizes cleaning and disinfecting. The GRP-parts guarantee for highest hygiene claims. Curves diminish the injury danger for patient and attendant. Besides, GRP material - in contrast to the ABS plastic used in earlier times of ambulance manufacturing - appears non-yellowing, still after years. The high strength of GRP prevents a splintering of the panels if a crash occurs - an important safety aspect.


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Miesen Rescue Ambulance on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 224
ON SALE:<br>Miesen Rescue Ambulance on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 224

Miesen Rescue Ambulance on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 224 wheel base: 3665 mm >>> DEMO-VEHICLE <<< Color: white Year / model: 2012 Miesen Code: 66160 / 13 Please see pictures for details. Further details are available with our Sales Team!

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