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C. Miesen News
Dear Customers With the Corona virus, our society is currently facing a very big challenge that has not existed so far - at least in Germany and Eu
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Historical MIESEN Images Data Base
Repeatedly our customers as well as other concerned people asked us for historical images material. It is most likely that due to our company’s histor
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Let’s go social media! In the time of web 2.0 we have decided to create our own fan page! You can also find us at
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Fast Respond Vehicles


External and internal presentation of the vehicle

Front view:

Conversion of a Nissan X-Trail in accordance with DIN 75079. The silver basic vehicle was covered with daylight luminous foil and and inscription following customer request.

On the roof a 
warning bar has been mounted, we also integrated flashing LED lights into the front grille.


Side view:

On the right rear seat a cabinet was installed. The work surface in the trunk can be extended.

Insight into the trunk:

Clear and well-conceived storage space for medical and technical devices on a pull-out panel. 


View through the side door:

Installation of a cabinet element on the right side of the back-seat for the placement of medical supplies.

In the bottom drawer we installed a heating compartment for the placing of temperature-sensitive infusions.

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NEW: Undertaker vehicles
NEW: Undertaker vehicles

Latest releases of part of our portfolio are exclusive undertaker vehicles "made in Germany" based on extended Mercedes-Benz E-Class.