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The RETTmobil is the European Leading Exhibition for Rescue and Mobility held in Fulda. From 15th to 17th May 2019 we will be presenting our products
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C.MIESEN receives major order from Iran for a conversion of 800 ambulance vehicles
Last year, our production went on high-speed as we received an order from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education ("MOHME") for a total of 800 al
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18 new ambulance vehicles for OMAN
At the end of last year, we delivered 18 ambulance vehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 324 box van, Wheelbase 3.665 mm, high roof, with two
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Other Special Vehicles


External and internal representation of the vehicle:

The neonatal ambulance, based on Volkswagen T5 with high roof, is a rolling intensive care unit for prematurely born children and critically ill babies.

The vehicle has a built-in transport incubator and a hydro-pneumatic treatment table. Installed across the driving direction, the incubator provides a vibration-free transport, which is not guaranteed in conventional ambulances.

View to the rear compartment:

The companion seats have been mounted side by side, in front of the incubator and in driving direction. This allows the pediatrician and a pediatric nurse to monitor and sustain the entrusted baby in the best way.

Alternatively to a standard 3-point seat belt you can choose the installation of a shoulder belt.

Under a heat lamp, mounted above the drawer cabinet, the infant is protected against life-threatening hypothermia.
  View from the RH side door:

A hydro-pneumatic examination table is the centerpiece of the vehicle.

This table is set specifically to carry the weight of the transport incubator and was installed close to the partition wall across to the driving direction. Thus, the incubator is located between the axles at a position, where the physical forces are the lowest. Additional advantage: Not only that caregivers can treat the child adequately while travelling, the transverse mounting also changes the forces acting on the child during transportation.

The transport incubator provides a constant preselected temperature and protects the child against hypothermia. The incubator can be enriched with oxygen to offer a higher content of it to spontaneously breathing children.
Treatment center at the rear compartment:

A treatment center is set in the rear of the vehicle. Under a heat lamp, protecting the child against hypothermia, the child may be examined and treated outside the incubator.

In an underneath drawer cabinet all necessary supplies, including diapers and cloths material, can be stored.

This vehicle, constructed especially for infant travelling, guarantees finest transportation and provides optimal starting conditions for children, who just came into life. 
Storage cabinet at the RH side tail entry:

In a storage cabinet at the rear right, a proper and safe placement of oxygen and compressed air is foreseen. A foldable Plexiglass screen in the upper area of the cabinet gives access to the valves of the pressure reducer.
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Miesen Rescue Ambulance on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 224
ON SALE:<br>Miesen Rescue Ambulance on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 224

Miesen Rescue Ambulance on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 224 wheel base: 3665 mm >>> DEMO-VEHICLE <<< Color: white Year / model: 2012 Miesen Code: 66160 / 13 Please see pictures for details. Further details are available with our Sales Team!

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