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C. Miesen News
A new ambulance for SIS La Chaux de Fonds (CH)
A new ambulance with an integrated luggage body was delivered to la Chaux de Fonds in the canton of Neuchatel in western Switzerland last week. The
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New ambulance on MAN TGE for Macau
Just recently we handed over a very special project to the shipping company. We were favored to convert our first ambulance vehicle based on a MAN
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10 new emergency medical vehicles for the Syd-Denmark region
For our customer "Region Syd-Denmark" we were able to expand a total of 10 new emergency medical vehicles based on Mercedes-Benz GLE. Numerous equipme
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Each enterprise has its history. Of course, we do not want to withhold you from the one of CMIESEN.

On June 1st,  1870 founded by the car-forger Christian Miesen in Bonn the early enterprise at first built horse carriages and plank bed cars as individual one-off productions.
Owing to high product quality CMIESEN earned at the customers already soon at a good reputation. Due to the general economic expansion and the increasing quantity of orders it became ever closer in Christian Miesen's workshop to the turn of the century. In the year 1901, not only an important enlargement of the enterprise but also the associated removal finally took place to the location of many years in the Dottendorfer road 165. In the same year there the first horse-covered CMIESEN ambulance developed, supplied to the city Bonn. Increasing motorising led with CMIESEN already starting from 1905 to the building of first automobile ambulances and after the end of the First World War to a specialisation on this product range. Beside medical motor vehicles of most diverse base vehicle types, 1926 also left the first motorised dental clinic of Europe the work.

In the following thirties, the product range was coined primarily of standard medical motor vehicle types for the red cross, standardised by the development. Supported by a whole number of indicative patents the enterprise developed to the specialist on this sector, appreciative far away. The high need of new ambulances gave the “Christian Miesen vehicle and body works” after 1945 a major market position: Including in the meantime, besides, come export orders in some years up to 1000 vehicles were built and delivered, among them many unique vehicles with high developing costs.

Already at the beginning of the sixties suggested itself in the emergency medicine regarding the preclinical patient supply a reorientation, which with CMIESEN in consequence for development “high-long” - patient carriage and first accident ambulance led. The end of the sixties specified product group brand names “Medimobil” finally defined over more than three decades in the new millennium inside the great claim of the quality of the CMIESEN employment vehicles.

Naturally, however, all things in this world are subjected the constant change. Under the line of the managing director, the “new” CMIESEN team formed itself, Jürgen Krupp.  The experience decades of experience can take however so fast nobody the enterprise. The emphasis on the development activities is production stage manufacturing of the new CMIESEN ambulance “BONNA 211L”, the new CMIESEN ambulance by a Volkswagen T5 and the new Sprinter emergency ambulance development. Also apart from the traditional employment vehicle product range various projects standing in connection with disaster situations are in preparation.

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NEW: Undertaker vehicles
NEW: Undertaker vehicles

Latest releases of part of our portfolio are exclusive undertaker vehicles "made in Germany" based on extended Mercedes-Benz E-Class.